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The Sound of Emotions guides you
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into beautiful music.

Just wish I had your creative guidance about ten years earlier! This system of yours is pure gold.

Nancy McClure-Galli – Sound of Emotions Student

Ever been told you’re not good enough for something you love?

At age 10, my piano teacher told me to quit and go play sports. It wasn’t surprising, given that traditional music education has always had a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to play—and I kept trying to break those boundaries. While I became skilled at reading classical scores, I never had the opportunity to improvise, compose, or express myself freely on the piano. Such freedom was often reserved for ‘the talented’ or those headed to jazz conservatories. Because I was told I lacked talent, I nearly gave up on the piano altogether.

Fast-forward to today: I am a professional pianist and composer, a speaker for the European Piano Teachers Association, and an online educator. With nearly 1000 students and millions more reached through my YouTube channel, I’ve turned upside-down how music is taught. How? My method opens the door to improvisation, composition, and self-expression right from the start, making these essential skills accessible to students at all levels.


By far the best no-nonsense piano course on the net.

Stu M. – Sound of Emotions Student

What’s Inside

590+ lessons of detailed, step-by-step video instruction.

In each lesson, I demonstrate every exercise from an overhead view, complete with notation. You can speed up or slow down the video without changing the pitch, allowing you to see and hear exactly what’s happening in detail.

Track your progress

Make learning piano more effective and keep your motivation high with a clear overview of your progress. Measuring your progress helps sustain interest and maintain momentum—both in good times and in challenging ones.

Beautifully designed printable workbooks

For those who prefer studying offline or from printed sheet music, Sound of Emotions offers downloadable workbooks for every written exercise.

Practical Piano Techniques

Our course guides you through multiple genres, focusing on practical skills that translate directly into real-world scenarios—enabling you to create your own music, craft your own arrangements, grooves, and solos.

Ready to start learning?

Access to 590+ video lessons & 21 Modules

Beautifully designed printable PDF workbooks
Structured & guided courses
Downloadable backing tracks
Feedback on your playing



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"You show things I always wanted to know but couldn’t figure out how to do. Thank you isn’t even enough!"

Kathy – Sound of Emotions Student

"By far the best no-nonsense piano course on the net."

Stu M. – Sound of Emotions Student

"A path to follow step by step. Anything you play is music, not just dry exercises."

Gerardo D. – Sound of Emotions Student

"I am absolutely loving it. The content is of such great quality, every bit is musical and of style and substance."

Damien D. – Sound of Emotions Student

"Thank you for your online course, which inspired me after 30 years without playing."

Uli – Sound of Emotions Student

"I've seen the improvement in my playing after only 2 or so weeks, and really enjoy the material."

Scott N. – Sound of Emotions Student


"Didactically fantastic, great sound, great structure."

Alex L. – Sound of Emotions Student

What is Sound of Emotions?

Sound of Emotions is more than just an online piano school—it’s a complete music education experience packed into one accessible platform. From beginners to advanced players, our curriculum focuses on blues, jazz, and contemporary classical styles, with elements of pop, funk and latin piano sprinkled throughout. With over 590 video tutorials, detailed workbooks, and backing tracks, we provide everything you need to start playing and creating music right away.

What is the difference between your YouTube Channel and the Sound of Emotions site?

Soundofemotions.eu contains all the lessons I have developed over many years of teaching piano to my private students, covering levels from absolute beginner to advanced. The Sound of Emotions method is designed to remove the guesswork from learning piano. Each lesson builds on the last, ensuring you’re ready before moving to the next step. There are no random lessons; everything is structured to ensure you know exactly what to practice next. If a lesson is unclear, you go back; if it’s mastered, you move on.

The David Magyel YouTube Channel features random Jazz, Blues, and Pop piano lessons, mostly for advanced players. I use this channel to test new concepts and explore ideas that interest me, which don’t necessarily fit into the structured curriculum of the website.

Do I get full access to all courses with a monthly membership?

Yes! With any active membership, whether monthly or yearly, you enjoy complete access to all courses—referred to as modules in our online piano course.

Will I get access to new lessons and modules released after I start my membership?

Yes, you will have access to all new lessons and modules released as long as your membership is active.

Can I upgrade from a monthly membership to a yearly or lifetime one and save money?

You can easily upgrade your membership through your account settings, whether you have a monthly or yearly plan.

Here’s how:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on “My Account.

3. Select your current plan.

4. Click on “Next” to review your new plan, where you’ll see the discounted price based on your current membership.

5. Click “Confirm” to switch to your chosen plan.

Reach out to us if you need help.

How long does it take to complete the curriculum?

New students, especially absolute beginners, typically take about 5-7 years to go through the complete curriculum. However, there are different types of learners, each with different needs, and all of that is addressed within the curriculum as well. Whether you want to progress quickly by focusing on the essence of each lesson or to extract the most from every lesson and concept, the curriculum guides you on how to achieve your goals effectively.

Do you explain things in your videos?

I prefer to explain music through music itself. Believing that everything can be taught through musical demonstration, I developed a unique system to teach piano—focusing on playing rather than talking about it. This approach was shaped by my experiences with students from various countries, many of whom did not speak English, making my lessons primarily visual and practical.

However, you will also find detailed written descriptions for each video. These descriptions explain what you will learn in each lesson, why it’s important, and how to get the most out of it. They include the minimum requirements needed to progress, essential music theory, and occasionally, I share common mistakes, general struggles with self-expression through improvisations, and some of my personal piano stories as well.

How do I know if this is the right piano course for me?

We’ve created a free course featuring 24 sample lessons to give you a thorough preview of our curriculum. Inside, you can explore what each module covers, see exactly what you’ll receive—such as the number of videos, workbooks, and play-along tracks—and even try out a lesson or two from every single module. This also allows you to test the interface, navigation, and user-friendliness of our platform. Within the lesson videos, you can check the style of my teaching, the style of the exercises, and the practical guidance I provide for each lesson. If you have any doubts after using the sample lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re more than ready to assist and provide any further guidance you might need.

What kind of feedback do you provide?

It varies from student to student, but here’s how it typically works: Once I receive some information from you, such as the modules you’ve completed, the module and lessons you’re currently working on, and a video link of you playing the exercise you want feedback on, I’ll review your video. Then, I’ll let you know what was good and what could be improved either via email or directly under your unlisted YouTube video.

If your performance was good, I’ll simply write you a short comment to let you know you are awesome and ready to continue with the curriculum. However, if something was not quite right and it bothered my ears, I will tell you exactly what you need to work on before you can move on. Moreover, if I notice the same issue coming up frequently among other members, I will create additional videos to help address these common problems.