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Lesson 3: How to Practice Improvisation

Welcome to our improvisation practice session! Today, we’re going to explore how to practice improvisation.

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First, a bit of reassurance: Improvisation is about creativity and there's always room to grow. Your imagination sets the limits. But to keep things simple and achievable, let's focus on some specific goals:

Level 1: Steady Beat for 1 Minute (0:10)

Can you improvise for a full minute without losing the beat?

Just relax, play, and keep the rhythm steady.

Level 2: A Little Faster for 2 Minutes (1:10)

Now, try speeding up a bit.

Can you maintain your improvisation and the rhythm for two minutes?

Level 3: With a Metronome for 2 Minutes (3:22)

Finally, add a metronome to the mix.

Keep improvising for two minutes in sync with the metronome without losing the beat.

When to Move On:

If you can say 'yes' to any of these levels, congratulations! You're ready for the next lesson.



Remember, improvisation is a journey. There's no rush, so enjoy the process and let your creativity flow!