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The Art of Blues – Advanced Solo Piano Techniques
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Module 12 ties together our blues exploration, drawing on skills from Modules 1, 2, 3, and 7. Here, you’ll learn how to turn a simple blues bass line into a powerful full-range piano performance.

The techniques and concepts I’ll introduce for coordinating your left and right hands are so rich with potential that we could easily fill hundreds of lessons dissecting them. However, the real magic lies not in me showing you every possibility but in giving you the tools to discover your own paths, to craft exercises that ignite your creativity, and chase the musical paths that intrigue you the most.

Welcome to Module 12—where your blues improvisation becomes a masterpiece. If you’re looking to truly impress everyone with your skills, Module 12 is where you want to be. 

In This Module, You’re Going to:


Learn to compose your own blues pieces and exercises.


Explore jazz and funk rhythms, from basics to more complex patterns.


Develop impressive blues improvisations and groovy left-hand techniques.


Explore improvising blues over different chords progressions.

You’ll be able to:


Perform blues improvisation at a professional level.


Create your own exercises and explore musical directions that excite you.

You’ll also get:


30 Videos


Downloadable 80-Page Workbook

Backing Tracks

Practice Plans & Guidance