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Piano 101 – Foundations & Creativity
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Discover the piano and make music from day one.

So you’ve just sat down in front of the piano, with its black and white keys staring back at you, but don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’re wondering what those keys are called, how to position your fingers, or how to turn those keys into a beautiful melody. If this sounds like you, don’t worry, this module has got you covered. We’ll start you off making music from day one – and no, we’re not talking about children’s songs. Dive in to discover sight reading, feel the rhythm, and explore your creative side with improvisation and composition.

In This Module, You’re Going to:


Learn how to practice efficiently.


Begin your journey with sight reading.


Play beautiful piano exercises and etudes.


Craft your very first piece.


Get a taste of improvisation.


Practice basic rhythmic exercises.


Play along with a drum and bass.

You’ll be able to:


Know your way around the piano keys.


Play beginner songs from sheet music with ease.


Add your own touch to songs you learn.


Share a song you made with those you care about.

You’ll also get:


37 Videos


Downloadable 69-Page Workbook

12 Backing Tracks

Ever been told you’re not good enough for something you love?

At age 10, my piano teacher told me to quit and go play sports. It wasn’t surprising, given that traditional music education has always had a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to play—and I kept trying to break those boundaries. While I became skilled at reading classical scores, I never had the opportunity to improvise, compose, or express myself freely on the piano. Such freedom was often reserved for ‘the talented’ or those headed to jazz conservatories. Because I was told I lacked talent, I nearly gave up on the piano altogether.

Fast-forward to today: I am a professional pianist and composer, a speaker for the European Piano Teachers Association, and an online educator. With nearly 1000 students and millions more reached through my YouTube channel, I’ve turned upside-down how music is taught. My method opens the door to improvisation, composition, and self-expression right from the start, making these essential skills accessible to students at all levels.


Just wish I had your creative guidance about ten years earlier! This system of yours is pure gold.

Nancy McClure-Galli   –   Sound of Emotions Student