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Jazz Piano Essentials: The Art of ii-V-I and Fundamental Voicings
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Deepening Your Jazz Skills

Module 16 starts an in-depth jazz study similar to what you’d experience in a jazz conservatory, continuing through to Module 21. This module focuses on mastering chord voicings and scales, especially for improvising over the ii-V-I progression—the cornerstone of jazz harmony.

You’ll practice these techniques in all 12 keys, building on what you’ve learned in previous modules. The exercises are designed to be both technically sound and musically fulfilling, ensuring each session is rewarding.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to improvise fluidly over ii-V-I progressions, create your own expressive licks, and handle 7th chords with ease. This is the foundation for advanced jazz improvisation, setting you up for more complex challenges ahead. 

In This Module, You’re Going to:


Focus on mastering jazz chord voicings and scales for the ii-V-I progression.


Practice core jazz techniques across all 12 keys.


Explore multiple levels of Dorian, Mixolydian, and Ionian modes application.


Learn how to create your own improvisation etudes to solidify your skills.

You’ll be able to:


Navigate the ii-V-I progression with confidence and creativity.


Apply your skills to create engaging jazz improvisations.


Prepare for more advanced jazz challenges ahead.

You’ll also get:


21 Video Lessons


Downloadable 33-Page Workbook

Backing Tracks

Practice Plans & Guidance