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Jazz Dominance: Scale Precision & Creative Voicings
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Mastering Spontaneous Jazz Composition

Module 21 builds on the structured learning of Module 20, introducing a higher level of complexity and independence in your jazz practice. This module moves away from prewritten etudes and deepens your focus on improvisation.

You’ll start by improvising over a single chord, creating your own creative lines and left-hand voicings, similar to the etudes you’ve learned. Gradually, you’ll extend your improvisation to cover a full 12-bar blues form.

The goal of this module is to let go and trust in your developed skills, encouraging you to generate jazz etudes spontaneously. You’ll use the extensive toolkit of voicings, techniques, and concepts you’ve acquired to create music in the moment. By the end of Module 21, you’ll have the confidence and ability to compose jazz on the spot, showcasing your growth as a musician.

In This Module, You’re Going to:


Start with simple improvisations on one chord and build up to full 12-bar blues.


Shift focus from prewritten etudes to jazz improvisation.

You’ll be able to:


Create your own jazz exercises using techniques you’ve learned.


Improvise confidently over jazz and blues progressions.

You’ll also get:


23 Video Lessons


Downloadable 12-Page Workbook

Backing Tracks

Practice Plans & Guidance