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Intervals – Exploring the Space Between
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Exploring Musical Intervals

In Module 4, we shift our focus from traditional exercises to the exploration of musical intervals. This module is all about understanding and using intervals to discover new creative possibilities on the piano.

You’ll explore how each interval can shape a piece of music, learning to recognize them by ear and use them in your playing. This isn’t about climbing levels or mastering complex techniques, but about discovering how simple intervals can express emotions and tell stories.

By the end of this module, you’ll be using intervals not just as technical tools, but as a way to convey feelings and narratives through your music.

In This Module, You’re Going to:


Explore the basics of musical intervals.


Explore improvisation with a focus on intervallic creativity.


Learn how intervals can express different emotions.


Develop the ability to identify intervals by ear.

You’ll be able to:


Connect musical intervals with the emotions they evoke.


Transform simple intervals into expressive musical pieces.

You’ll also get:


26 Videos

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